Residential Homes

From Custom to Midsized  to Starter Homes

Start with shipping containers and your imagination has almost no limits. Your home is built off site and installed by our crew. They are permanent, extremely strong, energy efficient and appraise at the same value as a traditional frame home of the same size.

We take care of the construction details so that your home requires minimal maintenance over the 100 plus years of your home’s life span. Your home is secure from water leakage because we never penetrate the roof. All of our pipes and HVAC come up through the floor. The homes are very economical to heat and air condition. We use a closed cell insulation that increases the R value tremendously giving the end user a large energy savings.

Our services include: Design, construction, licensing, permitting, inspections, financing, , facility hookups, building your foundation, connection to facilities (water, sewage, electricity, etc.).

Financing:  Our homes are permanent structures and are appraised at the same value as a traditional frame built home and you can finance with a traditional mortgage. Please Click here for more information on Financing.

Custom HOme

Custom Homes

This customer had very specific requirements and a design esthetic that celebrated the origins of the home. We started with the boxy shipping containers and gave her lots of open space and plenty of large closets. The silhouette of the home is traditional, but the customer wanted the exterior to retain the look of the shipping containers instead of a traditional siding.


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Custom Home

Mid-Size Homes

Our pre-designed floor plans are larger than our starter homes and range from 1,600 sf – 2,200 sf. We have four plans to chose from and they are open, feel spacious and made for easy living.

Custom Home

Starter Homes - Affordable & Expandable

Our starter homes are an affordable solution for first time home buyers who can start small and expand the home as your family grows.  The beauty of our concept – the new buildout happens at our facility and minimal disruption can happen when we integrate the addition with your existing home.

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