Homeless Solution

Single Family / Individual / Multipe Living Housing – Temporary to Permanent Solutions

We are concerned with the homeless situation in our country and are implementing our planned outreach to organizations and government agencies that need solutions. As builders starting with container homes, we are in the perfect position to provide strong, safe housing that is affordable and, if needed, can be anchored on a city lot or a plot of land without the need for city hookups as they are capable of standing alone with their own electricity,  water and sewage. The added advantage is they can be moved to other locations as needed and can become permanent homes with city utilities that appraise at stick built homes.

One Bedroom / one Bath Home

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Two Bedroom / 2 bath Home

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 We have a number of solutions and can work with specific needs.

Create a community with dormitory style shelters or individual rooms,  with a community kitchen, shared laundry facility, and a classroom building. Each room would contain it’s own bathroom and furnishings. And importantly – an address.  Cleanliness, dignity, treatment for substance abuse, training, job assistance, prepping for eventual financial independence could all be provided in the community. They could then transition to small individual homes either to rent or rent with the goal to purchase.