Disaster Relief

Homes – Command Centers – Temorary Schools – Restrooms

Disaster hits and within 24 hours we pull up, and you immediately walk into a fully furnished and outfitted home, command center, shelter. There is no set up time, no special ground or foundation needed, and no need for any facility hookups. Each building comes fully self-sustainable and  contains its own electricity, water, and sewage storage that is serviced every 30 days or as needed. This page features one of our temporary homes and the Command Center. Single or multiple units can be used as temporary family shelter, volunteer shelter, restrooms, office / command centers, tool rental spaces, pet kennels, and even medical facilities in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. All of our homes can become permanent and appraise the same as a traditionally build home. 

Please click the image below for a video tour of our two bedroom, two bath home.

Disaster Relief Two Bedroom Home

 One and two bedroom temporary (optionally to permenent) homes  are available. These are  CAT 5-rated modular steel structures, which are easily transported and erected on any flat surface.

They have ample electricity, running water, air conditioning and plumbing, laundry facilities, satellite  and do not need connection to municipal utilities (although they can be hooked up when desired).

They are fully furnished, contain bedding, towels, an outfitted kitchen, full bathrooms and are walk in ready with the exception of food.

Please click the image below for a video tour of our Command Center.

 The Command Center is completely self-sustainable and ready to use upon arrival to any disaster site. The unit can sit anywhere there is reasonably level land; it comes complete with its own water, electricity, and sewage storage.

Unit Contains:

  • Work area
  • Kitchen with Microwave, Sink, Refrigerator
  • 1 Bedroom with a set of  bunk beds
  • Completely outfitted with linens, plates, serve ware, pans, etc
  • Full Bathroom with flushing toilet
  • HVAC System
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • 500 gallon sewage tank
  • Propane generator for electricity
  • LED lighting