Commercial Design

Retail –  Mixed Use – Air BnB’s – Food Truck Trailers – Mobile Restrooms – Storage Facilities – Etc.

We build commercial buildings from large, custom mixed use projects to the very small single container build out for start up businesses. The design drawing shows one of our large commercial projects that is in the planning stage.

Large scale commercial projects have  unlimited design options and our units can stack 9 stories high.

Small businesses can start small with one or two of our container buildings and add on as business grows. Our buildings can also be picked up and moved to other locations as business needs change. Thus, giving the small business owner flexibility and often with less permit requirements. The build out design choices are unlimited and fit all needs possible within project budgets.

Financing large and Small Projects

The 5 year lease to ultimately own option for businesses needing smaller buildings or additions is often a very desirable option. The leasing fees are 100% tax deductible.  Please click here for more information on leasing.

Please click here for financing of large scale projects.


Food Truck Trailer

We manufacture 16′ and 20′ Food Truck Trailers that are outfitted to your specifications, have awnings, and  the 20′ trailer has a bathroom with a flushing toilet and hand sink. We operated a food truck business for a year and know the needs. Photos coming soon.

Portable Restrooms

We manufacture both construction and luxury restrooms that come with flushing toilets and sinks with running water. Our restrooms are made to your specification. There is no limit the to upgrades availble for the luxury units from marble floors to bidets. Photos coming soon.

Storage Rooms

Built to your specification. They are made from CAT 5 rated single use shipping containers. They are exptremely strong, completely finished on the inside, insulated, water tight, and are avialable climate controlled.  The unit shown is climate controlled and designed to a clients specifications. Photos coming soon.

Air BnB's

We are buidling air 1 and 2 bedroom BnB’s from single use CAT 5 (winds to 175 miles per hour) shipping containers. They are strong, built to last over 100 years, can be off-grid, or hook up to city facilities. Anchored to foundations, they appraise at the same value as a traditionally built home.

Click here for video tour of the two bedroom. 

Mixed Use Concept Drawing